Castelo Branco

Monte da Fonte Santa de São Luís is a 10-minute/8km drive from the city of Castelo Branco, in Beira Baixa region. This Rural Tourism unit - Country house - has been open since 2014.

In 1929, the Beato family built the house that served as the basis for their work and living. Its name is due a sulphurous water that is in the property and to the remains of old users: medieval graves in granite rocks and an apiary. It is in this building of old farmers that we invite you to stay.

Its privileged location allows you to enjoy the tranquility of the countryside and differents services of city of Castelo Branco.

The country house with an exterior swimming pool, carefully decorated double and family rooms, offers you a good stay. We have a breakfast room, a signposted walking path, weak mobile work (for those who prefer to get away from technologies), WIFI and covered parking. Come be happy.

RNET 4741 / TER
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Themed dinners

From September 18th to October 5th, we will have Alentejo dinners on Saturdays. Contact us for more information.

Swimming pool with view

Here you can refresh.